Metal Hose, corrugated or braided, work well for applications involving:

  • Corrosive Chemicals, High Pressure/vacuum, or High Temperatures not appropriate for traditionally constructed hoses.
  • High external heat, corrosion, or rough handling
  • The need to absorb heat or pressure induced expansion of a pipe system
  • The need in shorter length connections to compensate for misalignment, lateral movement, or elongation that hard piping cannot address.

Contact our Sales Staff to help determine what type of assembly is best for your application.
Our S/S assemblies are custom fabricated. From 1/4” ID to 12” ID, we offer a full array of Stainless Assemblies: 

  • 304/316/321 Stainless Steel 
  • Single/Double Braid 
  • Corrugated Metal
  • Threaded/Camlock/Flanged/Weldable End Fittings

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