Chemical Compatibility Information
Many manufacturers provide chemical compatibility charts to provide direction for end users.  These charts cover a variety of materials including metals, elastomers, and thermoplastics.  While there is often overlap in manufacturer recommendation on the appropriateness of one material for a given chemical, there can be differences in opinion based upon the conservativeness of their recommendations and their own testing experience. One manufacturer's EPDM tube, for instance, may be a different compound and therefore perform differently than another manufacturer’s EPDM Tube.  Importantly, chemical charts are quick to note that one’s experience may vary based upon temperature, pressure, concentrations, velocities, and other practical considerations of an application. These should ONLY be used as a guide as there are no guarantees of performance; when doubt exists, practical tests should be devised to simulate actual usage and tested safely.
As reference, here are a number of resources we find useful for guidance on chemical compatibility.

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